Seaweed in my bath?!

I am normally a massive fan of Lush products - give me any bath bomb and I will be over the moon whether it's full of glitter or turns my bath multicoloured. I'm not one to read anything about bath bombs before I use them, just chuck them in and hope for the best. The other night I did just that with the Big Blue and the remnants of my Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar. Something I wasn't expecting from the bath bomb was a load of seaweed. I'm not gonna lie, it kind of freaked me out.

Lush claim that this will 'evoke a summer's day at the seaside'. The arame seaweed is supposed to soften bath water and help regulate your metabolism. I love everything else about this bath bomb - it contains sea salt to soften the skin and remove dead skin cells, lemon oil to clear the mind and lavender oil which is antiseptic and cleansing. I just couldn't relax while there was seaweed floating around my bath...

Sorry Lush, but this is definitely one I won't be repurchasing.

Monday Must-Have

Okay, one word: wow. I genuinely didn't know that I could love make up brushes this much. I always thought that my Real Techniques brushes were as good as it gets. I was wrong. I shall explain...

You can buy the set from a variety of places - Zoeva (€65/£45, £7.50 UK delivery), Beauty Bay (£56.95, free delivery) or Love Make Up (£56.95, free delivery). The brushes come packaged in a gorgeous brown clutch with a rose gold zip and rose gold Zoeva branding.

Inside there is 8 brushes, making each brush worth just over £7 which is amazing and rivals Real Techniques brushes.

Each brush has a black handle, rose gold ferrule and rose gold writing. To look at, the brushes are absolutely gorgeous which I'm not going to lie, is part of the reason I wanted them. Some also come with little plastic slip, I presume either to protect the brushes or to stop transfer of product in your make up bag. These little cases do really irritate me though as they don't stay on the brushes and end up loose in your make up bag so I think I'll get rid of them.

Bristles are either white, brown with white tips or plain brown (wing liner) which I quite like as you can see how dirty they are. Each brush is so soft to the touch and the bristles are really densely packed. You don't get shedding which is a major plus for me as I'm not continually picking brush hairs of my face. They distribute product so evenly and leave your make up looking flawless.

The set contains 5 face brushes and 3 eye brushes. As seen above top to bottom:
106 Powder Brush - the perfect right size to set your foundation with powder, you could also use it for bronzing all over.

102 Silk Finish Brush - a definite dupe for the Real Techniques buffing brush but better. It really does give a silky finish.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush - I have never come across a better blush brush, truly.
110 Face Shape Brush - ideal for contouring under the cheekbones and around the temples.
142 Concealer Buffer - my brush of choice when it comes to Collection Lasting Perfection or Rimmel Wake Me Up.

227 Soft Definer - a perfect blending brush.

231 Petite Crease Brush - defining the crease has never been so easy and precise.
317 Wing Liner Brush - I only wear wing liner using liquid liner so I think I'll use this for my brows. I did use it wet with Blackheart and it was perfect for getting tight to the lashline.

There is not a single brush in this set that I'm disappointed in. The real stand-out brushes for me are the Petite Crease Brush, Silk Finish Brush and Face Shape Brush. If you're looking into buying new brushes I would 100% recommend these. They have every brush you need for a starter set or for additions to an already existing collection. If I didn't have a make up addiction, this set would do me for the rest of my days.

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My 2014 in Pictures

I know everyone says it, but 2014 was a big year for me. I turned 21, found myself in a new relationship and went back to university after having a gap year. Even though I began the year working full time and ended it being at university, I still managed to somehow sneak in 4 holidays although one was only a weekend. I really wanted to write a post and share some pictures from the year.

January the month I met my boyfriend and also got my kitten who's now 1 year old which seems crazy. She's still tiny and incredibly anti-social but having a kitten helped me through some tough times so I love her to pieces.

In February I flew alone for the first time which was a massive thing for me. I flew from Southend to Dundee where my best friend was on placement for a snuggly, rainy weekend. I also went to Paris for a few days with my other best friend which was amazing.

Fast forward to May when my best friend and I went to Majorca for an all inclusive week of much needed laying around the pool.

I turned 21 in June and had an amazing night out with my two best friends as well as going to a Ministry of Sound night at Thorpe Park.

In July I started my blog (read my first post here) and went to Wales for a week with my boyfriend. I couldn't believe the weather when we were over there. It was 28 degrees and above everyday and just the perfect week. The day we came home we picked up his puppy Buddy who is now a firm staple in our lives.

August was my half brothers wedding which included a hen night at the casino. It was so lovely to spend a day with my very extended family and get all dressed up.

Sorry for making you look like a midget mum.
 September was an incredibly strange month. I went to Barcelona with the girls, finished my job in Southend and moved back to Bath for my final year of university. A bit of a whirl wind month.

The final few months were made up of university work, trips home and time with my boyfriend. I brought in the New Year with my boyfriend and his parents with a lovely meal and cuddling Buddy as he was terrified of the fireworks. I'm looking forward to 2015 more than I can explain and can't wait to see what the blogging world brings!

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2014 Favourites

First things first, Happy New Year!! I'm going to try and keep this as short and sweet as possible as I know no one will be feeling fab today. Here are my absolute favourite products of 2014.

Spot treatment: Epiduo

Make up

Concealer: Benefit Boi-ing
Bronze/Contour: Benefit Hoola
Coloured lip: Topshop Brighton Rock

Hair care

Shampoo: T Gel
Conditioner: Herbal Essences Bee Strong
Leave-in Conditioner: OGX Coconut Oil Mist
Heat Spray: Dove Heat Protect Spray
Brush/Comb: Tangle Teezer


TV Programme: Breaking Bad
YouTuber: InTheFrow

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December Favourites

I only have a few favourites this month as I have a 2014 Favourites coming in the next couple of days and don't want to overload you!

Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Moisturiser: My normally very oily skin has recently decided to switch to being dry so this has been my best friend this month. It's such an inexpensive, basic moisturiser that's perfect for anyone with dry skin or if you want a no-fuss moisturiser.

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express: I'll admit, when I first bought this I really wasn't sure about it. At first I found it very messy but I have had it for a few months now so it's dried out a little and get on with it much better. This brush is outstanding at separating lashes. I tend to use a different mascara first to give me some length and then layer this on to give me lots of volume. I'll definitely repurchase this.

Epiduo: Anyone who suffers with acne, this is your best friend. After my latest acne flare up I decided I needed to get this back into my skincare routine and get my spots under control. This has both antibacterial and drying properties which means spots are reduced and less sore. Even after one use I can tell the difference in my skin. There's only two downsides - 1. it makes my skin very very dry and 2. it's prescription. If you suffer from acne, get down to your doctors and ask for this!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer: A recent buy of mine but a really impressive concealer. It's a lot thinner than my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection but doesn't give a reduced coverage. It has an anti-fatigue effect so is perfect for under eyes.

Benefit Hoola: I think this is the perfect contour shade. Recently I have been reaching for this over my Sleek Face Form which is really saying something. In the pan it looks terrifying but it blends out to such a gorgeous shade without looking muddy. Mine is from a gift set but full size is £23.50 which I really think is worth it.

What have you been loving this month?

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First Impressions: Nars Sheer Glow

My boyfriend's parents were very, very generous and bought me Nars Sheer Glow for Christmas. I have been lusting after this for a long, long time and can't believe I finally have it. Before putting this on my Christmas wishlist, I read more reviews/blogs than I should probably admit to before deciding the only way to know if I'd like it was to try it.

 I did something risky and didn't get matched but rather guessed my shade. As my skin tone resembles snow, I knew I'd be either the palest or second palest shade. I googled colour swatches about 5 times (using this blogpost) and checked the colour description on the Nars website before settling on Gobi. Gobi is Light 3 - light with a yellow undertone which describes my skin perfectly. If you are pale with a pink tone then Mont Blanc will be your shade. Siberia is one for the pale neutral girls.

I really love the packaging of this foundation. Any high-end foundations I would expect to be in glass bottles and look expensive and this definitely doesn't disappoint. You get 30ml or 1 fl. oz for £31 which I think is pretty good. Packaging wise, the only let down for me is the lack of pump. Pouring it out makes me a bit nervous but MAC foundations also don't come with pumps - must be a high-end thing!

The formula itself is quite watery which you would expect as it's a sheer foundation. Although it's sheer, coverage is definitely buildable and two thin layers can give a medium coverage. Lately I have been putting a base layer of concealer on my acne scars but for purposes of reviewing this foundation, I didn't. Sheer Glow is also non-comedogenic which is perfect for acne prone skin!

As soon as I put this on my skin and started blending it out, I could tell it was a luxury foundation. This blended out amazingly. A really small amount of foundation gave a thin, even layer and I added a little extra on areas of discolouration and scars. I think it's covered my scars amazingly, far better than any drugstore foundation (sorry True Match). The colour is absolutely perfect for me which is something I have never found before. My only issue is that it's clung to some of my dry patches which have emerged as a result of my acne cream but I am due a good face scrub. The foundation gives silky, real looking skin. It also doesn't transfer which is a big bonus.

Above is the finished product with a little added concealer on blemishes. I didn't powder my face as I wanted to see what it would do without being set. I did my make up at about 10.30am and as I write this it is 5.30pm and my face is slightly glowing (as the name would suggest) but nothing too extreme. It's a glow that's definitely welcomed considering how dull my skin has been looking. In future I think I will set it, just to keep from too much shine. I'm really impressed that it hasn't set into my expression lines which happens a lot with my thicker drugstore foundations.

Overall, I think this foundation is amazing. It's definitely lived up to the hype and I would recommend it to anyone who's thinking about it!

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Make-Up Brush Collection - Eyes

The silence is broken, I hope to get into a more regular routine in the new year!

This is the final post in my little Make-Up Brush Collection. Since beginning this mini series I have added to my brush collection in the form of the Zoeva Rose Gold brushes which I will be doing a post on soon! I've only recently got into eyeshadow since getting my Naked 3 palette and the majority of my brushes aren't that good.

Avon Blending Brush: I've had this for as long as I can remember. Avon is a pretty cheap brand that sell good quality make up and brushes and this doesn't let them down. I think it only cost about £3 when I bought it. It's really soft, the brush itself is dense and it's excellent for blending. I strongly recommend checking out Avon brushes.

Urban Decay Double Ended: I'm sure many people now have this brush as it comes with the Naked palettes. I actually really like this brush and it comes in really handy. I use the thinner end to put eyeshadow in my crease before blending out and the thicker end to pack eyeshadow on. I definitely want to check out other UD brushes.

Avon Liner Brush: Another good, cheap brush. This is perfect for getting liner really close to the lash line. Paired with Darkside or Blackheart from Naked 3, it's perfect for non-liquid liner days. Again, I think it was about £3 or £4?

Benefit Hard Angle Brush: This is at least 4 years old and is still going strong. You can find a newer version here which is £16.50, such a good price for the quality. I use this for my brows when I'm using my Brow Zings. If you're looking for a hard angle brush definitely check this out.

Teez Flat Stiff Brush: I know it says stiff in the name but my god this is a hard brush. I very very rarely use it because it actually hurts my eyelids a little. I got this in a Glossybox and tend to only use it as a last resort. I wouldn't recommend.

Topshop Blending Brush: This is one I can't quit make my mind up about. The bristles are very very short so there's not much movement in them. I tend to use this for highlighting my brow bone and the inner corner. This has actually been discontinued but I'm not sure I'd buy another Topshop brush.

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